Dedicated European and USA btcprivate mining SSD servers in VPN secure connection capable of handling high volume of miners and workers with DDOS and CLOUDFLARE protection.

Please follow the information below to connect to the pool and if you feel unlucky be free to contact our support explaining your problem.

USA server for mining is not available the the moment

EQUIHASH144_5 algo is for BitcoinZ and LitecoinZ coins. Please read carefully below informations which miner to choose!

download miner

dstm's CUDA miner (SSL / no SSL mining)

Donwload dstm's CUDA miner

Run command for miner
zm --server ssl://eu.minerspool.cc --port 8010 --user your_wallet.your_worker --pass x
zm --server eu.minerspool.cc --port 8020 --user your_wallet.your_worker --pass x

EWBF CUDA miner (no SSL mining)

Donwload EWBF CUDA miner for equihash coins

Run command for miner
miner --server eu.minerspool.cc --user your_wallet.your_worker -p x --port 8020

Donwload EWBF CUDA miner for equihash144_5 coins

Run command for miner / example for BitcoinZ
miner --algo 144_5 --pers BitcoinZ --server eu.minerspool.cc --user your_wallet.your_worker -p x --port 8020

CLAYMORE miner (SSL / no SSL mining)

Donwload CLAYOMORE for Windows / AMD cards miner

Run command for miner
ZecMiner64.exe -zpool stratum+ssl://eu.minerspool.cc:8010 -zwal your_wallet.your_worker -zpsw x -allpools 1

ZecMiner64.exe -zpool eu.minerspool.cc:8020 -zwal your_wallet.your_worker -zpsw x -allpools 1

Donwload lolMiner for Windows - Linux / AMD cards miner equihash144_5 coins

Run command for miner

Read miners documentation and use eu.minerspool.cc server with dedicate port from below list for btcprivate

PROXY connection LINUX only!

Download and setup Stratum proxy for Zcash - GitHub

This is a Stratum Proxy and uses JSON-RPC originally developed by the Cryptense team providing additional up to 10-20% increase of earning compared to standard pools. Using a proxya is recommended if you have 3 or more mining rings channeled through only one pool connection, which means a faster issue of a new job! Find more info on GitHub

Use the eu.minerspool.cc as main server and backup server eu1.minerspool.cc or vice versa. We suggest load balancing between servers - always select a server with less miners.

Use any of minerspool.cc NO SSL ports for proxy connection according to your mining hardware hashrate power.

minerspool.cc mining pool is fully compatible with NICEHASH mining rental power

Register on NICEHASH hash mining rental website and use minerspool.cc pool port 8040 with your_wallet and password x

connect miner

Choose DEDICATED server according to your location. If you dont see your country in below servers list, choose eu.minerspool.cc server located in Belgium!

Server Port Info Workers SERVER Location
eu.minerspool.cc 8020 Single GPU or small rigs. 0 Belgium
ssl://eu.minerspool.cc 8010 SSL/TLS - Single GPU or small rigs. 0 Belgium
ssl://eu.minerspool.cc 8030 big mining farms / rigs. 0 Belgium
eu.minerspool.cc big mining farms / rigs up to diff 16 0 Belgium
eu.minerspool.cc 8040 big mining farms / rigs or NICEHASH 0 Belgium


Please Note that: 1 Difficulty is actually 8192, 0.125 Difficulty is actually 1024. Whenever a miner submits a share, the pool counts the difficulty and keeps adding them as shares. ie: Miner 1 mines at 0.1 difficulty and finds 10 shares, the pool sees it as 1 share. Miner 2 mines at 0.5 difficulty and finds 5 shares, the pool sees it as 2.5 shares.